One Of A Kind,Man Botswana Agate Bracelet With Personalized Stamp

One of a kind luxury custom  made bracelet, Carlo Trotta fine jewelry collection, created with rare high grade  Agate, coming from black  to greysh and invory natural nouances. Each bead is made from rough natural material , hand picked by Carlo Trotta  in the best color, luster and translucency . All the  stones, 18mm, have undergone trough a special treatment to improve it the appearance.  We spent almost 2 weeks to create this bracelet from the rough stones .  

We select and buy the rough material from Africa and South America, then we cut and polish each stone in our laboratory, accordingly to our specific designs . Thanks to the high grade polishing, the stones gets vivid colors, lusters and tone. 

The bracelet  can be paired  with a luxury custom made Moooh!! stamp in 925 oxidezed sterling silver or 22K dipped in yellow gold.We would like to remind you that the stamp is custom made upon order and the  personalization of the stamp it takes 4/5 days. At the checkout you will give us instructions on which name you want we engrave on the stamp. 

This is an exclusive piece of jewelry that talks about you, about your personality, your lifestyle. Each piece is truly unique and not replicable in the same feeling and final look, it means that  you will be the sole, exclusive, owner in the world of this wonderful handcrafted piece.

Please note: This is one of a kind bracelet, only one piece available and not anymore replicable.

Mystical and Healing Properties : Agate is said to be a powerful stone for enhancing personal courage and protect against danger. The yellow , creamy Agate helps to lighten moods and gives energy. It said that wearing Agate it improves blood circulation, black and white agate gives energy and protect from physical dangers.

Size: The bracelet is 7.5cm wide  - approx 2.95" .Beads are 18mm each one.

Custom Made Stamp: Small size stamp size is 1.7cm x 0.5cm (0.66" x 0.19" approx) , we can engrave up 6 letters. Bigger size stamp it measures  2.3cm x 0.7cm  ( 0.95" x 27 approx) , we can engrave up 9 letters.

Shipping & Taxes: You can expect to receive your item within 6/12 days from the date of shipping, depends on the destination country we ship. For all countries the code is tracable online and for most countries you can trace the delivery until your door. If you need a faster delivery, please select it at the checkout. We can ship with DHL or UPS. You can read more about the Shipping here.

Return: The item is refundable according to our refunding policy. The custom made stamp is not refundable. You can read more about the Return here. 

Origin: African (Botswana)  natural  gemstone. The bracelet is Lovely and Ethically custom Made in Guangzhou (China).

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